Gardening in February

So spring is just around the corner!
There are limited jobs to do in February but quite a lot of things starting to happen so if you are brave enough then venture out and have a look!
If the ground is dry (which it probably isn’t) then the soil will benefit from being dug over and a fertiliser added to roses, fruit trees, ornamental trees, shrubs and perennials.
Large clumps of winter bulbs can be split after flowering to help brighten up other parts of the garden next year.
You can still plant bare root roses, trees and hedges but be quick as time is running out.
Large clumps of perennials can be divided to help aid growth and flowering but take care not to damage new shoots.
Deciduous hedges should be pruned now before birds start to nest.
Summer bedding seeds such as Begonias and Busy Lizzies should be sown in a heated propagator if you have one or a sunny windowsill if not

plants to look out for in February

Iris unguicularis (winter iris)
Galanthus (snowdrops)
Cornus (dogwoods)
Cornus avallana (hazel)
Daphne odora
Garrya elliptica