Gardening in March


So at long last it looks to be drying up, the days are getting longer and the garden is showing signs of life, all we need is it to warm up a bit.

Now your borders have dried up they can be dug over, and soil improvers and fertiliser added to encourage new healthy growth.

It is a good time of year to mulch the borders (if this has not already been done) to suppress the onset of early weeds.

Please continue to feed garden birds as there is very little natural food around this time of year. In fact there is less in March than any other month of the year.

There is still enough time to plant any remaining bare root plants but be quick and make sure this is done before the warmer weather arrives.

Overcrowded perennials can be divided to aid vigour and flowering.

Any shrubs that have outgrown their space or would look better in another location can be re homed now before the warmer weather arrives but be careful not to damage their roots.

Summer flowering bulbs can be planted.

Buddleias, forsythia and hydrangeas can be pruned to encourage flowering.

Lawns can be cut if the weather stays dry, new lawns can be sown or laid and patches in existing lawns can be repaired.


Plants to look out for in March




Narcissus (daffodil)






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