Gardening in May

At last your garden has finally started to come to life, with lush green foliage everywhere. Even the most reluctant of plants should have started to grow.

We appear to be having April showers now in May so lawns will probably need to be cut once a week to keep them looking good. It is also the perfect time to fix poor parts of the lawn with top dressing and grass seed or turf.

Plants in pots will require regular watering as there will be lots of new growth and it can be quite dry in May.

Dead head all spring bulbs that have finished flowering but do not prune back the leaves, however tempting this may be, for at least a month after flowering.

Regular hoeing should be undertaken as weeds will also be growing vigorously at this time of year.

Perennial frames can be placed to support the larger perennials to protect them from strong winds and heavy flowers before they get too large.

Keep a keen eye out for pests and diseases because if you can catch them early they will be a lot easier to control as the year progresses.

Summer bedding can be planted out towards the end of the month but keep an eye on the weather and cover if there are any late frosts.

It is also a good time to do annual pond maintenance and replace any UV lights in the filters as algae will be flourishing at this time of year. The pond should look good with little effort all summer long if you put in some hard work early on.

Plants of note in May




Acer palmatum

Choisya ternata







Wild garlic



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