Garden Design

As a professional garden designer with ten years experience I can help you achieve your perfect garden, working through a number of design options. I understand every garden is different and the design stages need to be flexible and can be adapted to suit your individual needs.

FREE Initial Consultation

This involves a walk through your garden and a discussion about the ideas you may already have; including gardens styles you like or dislike, planting and features you may want to retain, and the budget. This initial meeting enables me to draw up a brief and determine the design processes which best complement your needs.

Consultation Design

If your garden does not require a full garden design, this option may suit your wishes. It entails a second consultation where you specify the minor adjustments that your garden needs, or the partial redesign you desire.

I will present you with my plans and the annotated sketches which aid visualization of my design ideas. We can then discuss these plans and their implementation.

Complete Garden Design Service

Plant A Seed Garden Design site survey design

Site Survey – I will do a full evaluation of the garden, assessing the soil conditions, existing planting, and hard landscaping along with the garden’s orientation and potential hazards (drains, cables etc.).

I will create and present to you a scale plan of all the above information.


Plant A Seed Garden Design concept planConcept Plan

This is the initial stage of the design process, where you will be given an outline of the intended design proposal.

This proposal is formulated out of my research into your requirements and will be presented to you accompanied by sketches and annotations to help explain elements of the design. It is at this stage that any amendments can be discussed.


Plant A Seed Garden Design completed design Exeter

Completed Design

This stage brings together the entire design process, taking into account any adjustments that may have been made to the initial research and concept stage.

You will be presented with a fully annotated and rendered scale plan of your garden complete with a hand drawn perspective image of the final design.


Plant A Seed Garden Design planting designs Exeter

Planting Plans

Possibly the most important part of any garden, as the plants will bring your garden to life.

A professionally designed planting scheme can make the difference between a nice garden and an exceptional one. Plant a Seed can design, source, and plant your garden.



Plant a Seed have experienced contractors to build your garden to an exceptionally high standard.

I will oversee the project to make sure no details are overlooked. However, if you wish to construct the garden yourself, or already have a suitable contractor, then for an extra fee I can manage the project for you.

Contact us today on 07515 481501 for your FREE consultation and let us help your ideas grow into reality.